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Secure Shredding Halifax

Secure Shredding Services in Halifax

Businesses in Halifax and beyond can benefit from secure shredding. The area is full of businesses who create waste as part of their day-to-day operation, and that waste could contain data that should be shredded. Some shred every piece of information that they dispose of, to ensure complete security.

Even if you have a shredder in-house, you could still be in need of secure shredding. Storing papers in an unsafe environment before shredding could still lead to a breach. That’s where Box-it Yorkshire can help you. We’re a reliable, safe secure shredding company based in Yorkshire, helping Halifax and the surrounding areas stay safe.

The benefits of secure shredding are abundant, Every business can benefit from a solution that ensures:

Your employees and customers are protected

Much of the information your company handles could contain sensitive or personal data. In the event that this data got into the wrong hands, the consequences could be serious. There could be information inside that related to financial information, personal details, or even client contact details. The potential for monetary, reputation or data loss is significant. By destroying this in a secure way, you’re ensuring that this can never be breached.

You remain compliant with the GDPR and Data Protection Act

The regulations regarding the way you handle data are now far more stringent. This means good things for individuals going forward, but requires businesses to make the effort to protect data at every opportunity. Secure shredding not only allows you to avoid data breaches, but to comply with requests such as the “Right To Be Forgotten’ properly.

Your office remains organised

Box-it Yorkshire customers who have a regular secure shredding pickup with us are provided with a lockable bin to keep your private documents in. This way, you’re able to remain secure both before and after a shredding pickup. You can arrange a schedule that suits your needs, so you’ll never have piled up papers taking up space and compromising security.

You don’t have to do anything!

The Box-it Yorkshire Secure Shredding team offer two solutions to ensure that your shredding is completed - on and off-site. We’ll either pick up the shredding you’ve collected in sacks and take it from Halifax to be securely shredded, or come to your location. There, our secure shredding trucks will process everything where you are, so you can see the whole process.

Security is No.1

Every secure shredding client we take on, from Halifax to Yorkshire as a whole, is handles with security as our first concern. In the event of a pickup, every truck and bale is monitored using GPS tracking to ensure that we know where it is from the moment it leaves your premises. Our DBS checked drivers take everything straight to our location to be prepared for recycling.

Box-it Yorkshire are the region’s secure shredding experts. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours keep information safe, and we hope that we’ll be able to help you too. Talk to our team today.

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