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How Box-It Yorkshire Can Help With Your 2018 Office Spring Clean

18th May 2018

Alongside the sunny weather and the longer evenings, spring signals the arrival of fresh starts. It’s the time when every home and office has a clearout to begin the new season with a new state of mind. Your office spring clean should involve more than just wiping down the desks. Especially with the new GDPR, you also need to spring clean the data that your business holds.

If you haven’t cleared out your papers in the past months, your office has probably accumulated a lot of data that needs to be disposed of safely. When you do your spring clean, make sure you come to Box-it Yorkshire for the most important part - securely handling this data.

Shredding pickup

It shouldn’t be an extra job to keep your data secure. Instead of having bags sitting in the office waiting to be shredded, taking up space and potentially exposing your information, have it picked up at a convenient time by us. You’ll get rid of the clutter in a safe way, without any extra work on your part.  

On-site Shredding

If your spring clean is all on one day, it may be best for you to have the shredding done on-site. We send a mobile shredding van to your location, and everything can be done there. We’ll still take everything away and arrange for recycling.

Secure bins

Once your office is tidy, make sure that it stays that way with secure bins. When you organise a regular pickup with us, we’ll provide you with a locking bin to put in all the things you’ll need shredding. That way, it’s secure right from when you throw it away to when we take it to our location and shred it.

Secure Storage

Some things don’t need destroying, but also don’t need to be kept in the office on a daily basis. This is where secure storage comes in. We can take your files to our secure storage location and keep them safely, ready for a time you might need them. Whilst they are here, we keep them tracked using a barcode system that makes sure we know exactly where everything is.

The true spring clean should allow you and your business to start the new season with a clear mind as well as a clear desk! By making sure that your clearout doesn’t put your employees or your clients at risk of a data breach, you’ll be protecting them from one of the most frequently encountered dangers businesses are facing.

Box-it Yorkshire offer you a flexible, convenient secure shredding and storage service that will make sure that your spring clean goes smoothly. Talk to our team today to find out what we can do for you.

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