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Working Out Your Document Storage Needs

2nd October 2017

Document storage management is an importance facet of any business, no matter what size, scope and industry it is working within. If you are in charge of a growing business in Yorkshire and wish to secure the services of a document management service, such as the one we provide at Box-it, first have a think about exactly what it is you require from your document storage solutions.

Physical Storage Solutions – Within some industries vast quantities of documents are often required to be stored, but might not necessarily be used for months or years at a time. Physical storage of documents provides secure storage space that frees up space at your place of work and offers peace of mind for the security of documents that may contain sensitive information relating to clients, employees and suppliers.

Cloud Storage Solutions – For some companies there is a need for cloud storage solutions for all documents. Cloud storage provides you with the chance to have a central area that is easily accessible and secure for all scanned documents to be uploaded to and accessed from. Digital indexing is much easier to manage than selecting physical documents.

Hybrid Document Management Solutions – Another option is a combination of both physical and cloud storage. We can scan all documents to be stored in the cloud from creation dates, whilst methodically working back through historical documents, scanning and archiving them to be utilised in both physical and digital form.

Box-it Yorkshire provides a stellar service for your document storage needs. We believe in helping our fellow Yorkshire businesses to maximise their efficiencies through a careful management of physical and historical business documents. Whether you need to store old boxes of physical documents, scan them, or require a combination of both, our team are here to assist you at your time of need. Call us on 01924 465 323 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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