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The Benefits of Shredding Cabinets for Your Business

14th November 2017

Every business suffers from paper waste. Each and every day there will be times where new paper rubbish and waste is created, from notepads filled out with illegible writing, to used slips of paper, marketing materials from external sources that are not of interest, empty envelopes that cannot be reused, and a whole host of other literature and documentation.

As a business owner you have the responsibility of looking after the paper waste policy on a daily basis, and there are a number of considerations to have before committing to a plan.

The Cost of Secure Shredding

If you are considering shredding as an efficient way to dispose of paper waste in the office you might think that buying (or hiring) a shredding machine is the best option possible. For some companies it might be, but in our experience our clients who have tried this have complained that it costs too much money up front, that it involves training multiple staff members in how to use the machines correctly, and invariably you end up having at least one member of staff stood over the shredding machine at all times. Our service of collection and shredding of paper waste is a much more cost effective way to deal with your problem.

ID Fraud

Shredding paper helps to achieve peace of mind when it comes to protecting against ID fraud as a business. There are so many documents within a busy working environment that could be used for ID fraud if picked up by the wrong person. From employee records with personal information included, to client financial records and supplier data there is plenty to protect. Shredding paper waste helps to protect against theft and ID fraud.

GDPR and Data Protection Compliance

With data protection laws and the upcoming changes with regards the GDPR (from May 2018) it is an important time for business owners to have clear paper waste policies in place. Our confidential shredding service provides peace of mind that your company are being compliant with law, disposing of paper waste in an ultra-secure process, and providing you with a certificate of destruction to prove it.

You can purchase shredding cabinets from us that are lockable, providing access only to those with strict permissions. That way, any paper waste that is placed within the cabinet is safe from prying eyes, safe from accidental damage and safe from theft. Our team will then collect your paper waste at set, regular intervals to ensure that your waste is disposed of securely and within a fast time frame, providing you with a certificate of destruction to ensure you are complying with all legalities and regulations.

If you are based in the Yorkshire area and have the need for a confidential shredding service for business documents then please feel free to give us a call today. Our team understands the pressures associated with managing the paper waste of a busy working environment and can provide you with everything you need to be accurate and thorough with disposing of your potentially sensitive document waste.

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