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Outsourcing Your Business Shredding Needs to Box-it Yorkshire

2nd October 2017

Box-it Yorkshire provides you with a local service that helps with all of your confidential business shredding needs. For more information on how we can help you manage your paper waste, in an effective and environmentally responsible way, contact our team on 01924 465 323 and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements as a Yorkshire business dealing with business waste.

Using a Local Professional Shredder for Business Waste

Every business will encounter paper waste on a regular basis, and though it might seem like a good idea to store certain types of paper documents that are created in your office, a better solution to deal with the management of business documents and paper waste is to outsource to a local professional business document shredding service. The shredding of business waste can cover not only bits of paper that are useless and just thrown away as rubbish, but also as a way of adhering with data privacy legislation that places responsibility on business owners to safely and securely dispose of information that is no longer pertinent to their operation, but which might contain potentially sensitive information relating to employees, clients and suppliers in terms of personal and financial information.

Instead of dealing with the disposal of paper waste internally, and especially with regards the safe disposal of information retained that pertain to the data protection act, working with an outsourced team of confidential shredding experts will provide peace of mind and a number of other benefits to a business owner. Let’s take a look at why you should be considering working with a local, trustworthy confidential shredding service, rather than dealing with paper waste and disposal as a business internally.

For a quality shredding company, they can offer guarantees that the paper waste that has been collected from your work premises, has actually been destroyed. There have been cases in the past of documents being found at a later date, that a company considered destroyed. When making a choice over who to work with when it comes to your business shredding needs, always work only with those that can provide you with a certificate of destruction. This document informs you, the client, that the provider of the service has collected your paper waste, transported it to a secure location close by, and carefully and safely shredded it under the eyes of CCTV operations, and within 24-hours of being collected. This legally covers your company in the event of a future legal disagreement.

Hiring an outside service to dispose of your paper waste through secure shredding will most likely then take that paper waste and use it as part of a recycling process. There is so much paper waste createdon a daily basis by all companies, big or small, that just the small act of having your paper waste collected to be shredded on a weekly, or fortnightly basis, can go a long way to reducing the carbon footprint of the company and create a culture to be recognised as a ‘green’ brand. You’ll inspire clients and employees and be a company worth watching as a result of your efforts to be more environmentally aware and responsible.

It isn’t all about environmental responsibility and legal awareness however. We understand that for all business owners the financial aspects have to play a part. The costs of a regular outsourcing of your shredding and disposal of paper waste is lower than it would cost to purchase or hire shredding machines for your office, train members of staff in how to safely and effectively use the machines, and then dispose of the shredded waste as a company.

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