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Disposing of Paper Waste with Box-it Yorkshire

14th June 2017

Every business can benefit from a shredding service that they can rely on. For those Yorkshire based businesses looking for a secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their paper waste, whilst complying with data privacy laws, look no further than Box-it Yorkshire.

The disposal of paper waste is an important facet of office management that is often overlooked and choosing to work with Box-it will ease your worries and ensure that it becomes an efficient part of your office culture. Here are a few reasons why you should secure our services for your office.

Secure Shredding Close By

We guarantee that your paper waste is picked up and transported to our secure facilities close by. Our transport team will visit your premises on a regular, and agreed date to collect your paper waste. A sealed locker will collect your paper waste on-site and we’ll collect from that, without anyone seeing the actual documents at any point. The storage box will be delivered to our site and the documents destroyed within 24-hours of being collected, and with CCTV coverage to ensure destruction has taken place.

Certificate of Destruction Supplied

From the moment our team pick up the paper waste from your office location, through the transportation route, and on to the shredding of documents under CCTV operations within the 24-hour period everything is tracked by us. Once the whole process has been completed we will supply you with a certificate of destruction to show that your documents have been securely and safely destroyed in the correct legal manner.

Go Green with Recycling

Working towards a paperless office is a big change that might take some time. In the meantime you can change the culture of your office to have a more environmentally friendly outlook by having a regular shredding service pick up your paper waste. At Box-it we send all shredded business documents to be recycled, rather than to the landfill with regular waste, and for every 500 documents we shred we’ll plant a tree on your behalf.

Cost-Effective Solution to Paper Waste

As every office environment has paper waste you have to find some way to dispose of it in a way that satisfies the business model and complies with data privacy regulations. If you decide to keep your shredding processes in-house there are some costs to consider. First thing to think about is that you will have to purchase a shredding machine, or multiple shredders, which isn’t that cost effective. Secondly, there has to be either one person, or a small group, in charge of shredding to make sure nothing is missed, or you will have to train everyone on how to shred and why. These costs can be significantly reduced, by hiring our shredding services.

Paper waste is everywhere in a business. Make the most cost-effective decision you can by hiring the Box-it Yorkshire shredding service. We’ll collect your paper waste from your office and dispose of it safely and securely at our facility close by.

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